This Metro Cat Really Doesn't Care About You
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The Taksim Metro Cat Really Doesn’t Care About You

This is one cool cat and if any of you happen to be visiting Istanbul go up and introduce yourself. She might ignore you but at least you can say you had a brush with fame while on your travels!

I already did!
I already did!

Anyone who has ever visited Istanbul (or Turkey) knows how much Turkish people just love their kediler. They are everywhere and they are treated with a lot of love and respect despite the fact that they can go from zero to grade A jerks in a heartbeat. For example, this cat just wants to nap, even if it’s blocking a busy subway exit in Taksim, Instanbul.

The Taksim Metro Cat seemed perfectly content relaxing in front of the escalator, despite multiple commuters almost tripping over it. In true cat fashion, the feline didn’t really care that it was getting in the way of others, as long as it was comfortable. Yup. It’s just gonna sit there, and humans will have to deal. End of story.

For those of you who are concerned about her welfare, she is one very happy little cat. On researching Taksim Metro Cat I found there are lots of people who feed her and many photos of her chilling out welcoming the commuters and tourists each day.

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