Drone Films Lake Overflowing Into California Spillway
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Hole In Lake Sparks Curiosity, So Man Flies Drone Inside and Captures Something Unexpected

I don’t know about you, but when I see something weird I’m usually the first person to head in the OPPOSITE direction.

I already did!
I already did!

Recently, California experienced record amounts of rainfall after a prolonged drought, and this brought with it a fair share of joy and one of the most extraordinary sights as well. One day as one man was flying his drone on a nearby lake in the area, he was astonished by what he saw. Looking through the drone’s camera, it seemed as though he was staring deep into a black hole. Then when he slowly descended for a closer look, he almost lost control. As he scanned the landscape below through the camera on the drone, he captured what seemed like a deep black hole.

Maybe drawing from the same background and out of curiosity, the drone operator decided to have a closer look at this unusual feature on the lake by descending slowly when suddenly, he almost lost control. The hole he was staring at measuring 8-foot-wide, and 200 foot-long, was nothing short of mesmerizing and hypnotic with a flow rate of 48,400 cubic feet of water per second, enough power that almost sucked in the drone.

YouTube user Evan was able to catch drone footage of the hole in action so that everyone could witness a sight that hasn’t taken place in a long time. With incredible shots of the iconic Napa scenery and the rushing power of the lake, you will find yourself completely mesmerized by this footage!

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